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  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Monday 27/07/2015

Server Maintenance is now over and server is back online.

New patch is available by running updater or direct download from the website.

Also, if you had Dragon Guard enabled, you will need to register your devices again and revoke the old ones.

Have fun :)


-the Sign Painter

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Monday 27/07/2015

Server Maintenance has begun.

  • Server News • Server is back online

Dear Players,

Server is back online, sorry for the inconvenience.


-the Sign Painter

  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Monday 27/07/2015

Dear Players,

There will be a Server Maintenance this Monday 27/07/2015 at 21:00:00 ServerTime.

Maintenance Changelog :
Bug Fixes:
- Crafted stackable items no longer generate only one item if a stack already exists and they should generate more (arrows, knives, etc...)
- Items without ground image do not disappear anymore if they get dropped on the ground, they have a default sprite now.
- Venom Dungeon Timer (and all other timers) do not get on top of Party & Bag windows anymore.
- Level 150 characters can no longer leech tatctic until 200.
- Fixed an issue preventing the game from running in fullscreen on some hardware.
- Fixed Archer Skill Switch not changing the Skill's name and description.
- Fixed devices not being activated properly in Dragon Guard sometimes.

- Castle War no longer requires vote to start
- Scenario Quests will have PK off/on every two weeks, like before


-the Sign Painter

  • Server News • Re: Dragon Guard

Little Update regarding the old lost items recovery:
This is a long process, don't expect them to be recovered that fast. We'll go as fast as we can but we have also many other issues to deal with. (Daily tickets, next updates, etc...)

Thanks for your patience :)

  • Events • [Event] Taming competition

Dear Players ! To your sticks and be ready for the taming event coming this week end !

Taming: How to
The skill taming requires a level of 35 to learn. You can learn it at the following places:
Barantan: 359, 166
Heltern Village: 246, 160
Renus: 268, 138

You will also need to have a shepherds stick equipped to use taming. This can be bought from any carpenters store.

When using the skill on a monster, you will notice it the words "You have tamed about XXX percent" where XXX=numbers. Note the percent is not a actual percentage, in other words 100 percent does not mean the monster will be tamed. After you reach a certain number, the beast will become tamed and follow your every command!

Tip: Multiple people can work together on the same beast to tame it much faster! However only one person may be the master and this is the person who has the "last click".
Tip2: If you are failing (Not gaining points) when taming a monster, it could mean the monster is too hard for your current taming level. By raising your taming level you will tame monsters faster and with less chance of failure

The Prize
Different beasts will yield different rewards.

Cows and Lambs: 50 cent coin
Man-eating plant: 1 Dollar coin
Goblin: 1 Dollar coin + 500 RE
Orc: 5 Dollar coin
Lizardman/scorpion: 5 Dollar coin + 500 RE
Mugina/man scorpion: Gold Coin [Medium Taming Level Required]
Crystal Golem: Gold coin + 500 RE [Medium Taming Level Required]
Ogres: 2 Gold coin + 1000 RE [Medium Taming Level Required]

*If your taming skill is too low it will have a high chance of failure on medium taming level required monsters. Points will not raise.

One rule: You can only tame one medium level taming monster per round! Meaning if you already have tamed a medium taming level monster, you cannot tame another.

When it will be held
Saturday, 1st of august , 12:00:00 Server time

The location
O/X map. It can be accessed from the colossal arena NPC @ 117,110.

  • Events • [Event] PvE and PvP - 25/07/2015

Hello fellows!

GMRaijin and I (GMGeek) will be hosting two events next Saturday 25/07/2015, from 12:00 ST to 14:00 ST (Before Big Maze):

  • The First Event will be a PvE Event at Lethe's Montains and it will last from 12:00 ST ~ 12:45 ST.
  • There will be a 15min break for gear up and get ready for Second Event.
  • The Second Event will be a PvP LMS at LMS Arena and it will last from 13:00 ST ~ 14:00 ST.

For PvE at Lethe's Montains
  • PK will be disabled.
  • It is for fun.
  • I will do that event with no matter how many players are in.

For PvP Last Man Standing at LMS Arena
  • You must be engaged. No hidding will be allowed.
  • I will invite you all. Just type /participation to join.
  • The winner will be rewarded with 3x Gold Coin + 20m Crits (for pots :p ).
  • The second will be rewarded with 1x Gold Coin + 10m Crits (for pots :p ).
  • The third will be rewarded with 1x 5 Dollars Coin + 5m Crits (for pots :p ).
  • Changes on rules may be announced here, or ingame before event starts.

We hope you all have fun

  • Events • Re: [Event] PvE Last Man Standing !

Dear player today's event ended with 3 winners !

  • 1st place goes to LoveMusic
  • 2nd place goes to MoonMoon
  • 3rd place goes to JuN

I would like to thank you all for joining this event !
Until next event !

  • Events • [Event] PvE Last Man Standing !

Hello everyone !

As you may all know now, I'm in charge of the events with GMGeek & GMSomething !
Therefore, I can already tell you I will organize a PvE LMS Event this Saturday 11/07/2015 at 13:00:00 ServerTime !!!

:arrow: Where : OX Quizz Map (accessible from the Collussus Arena at 117,110)
:arrow: When : Saturday 11/07/2015 at 13:00:00 ServerTime
:arrow: Rules : No ressurection potions/eggs, no candles, no rare potions
:arrow: Rewards :

  • 1st Place: 3xGold Coin
  • 2nd Place: 3x5 Dollar Coin
  • 3rd Place:3x1 Dollar Coin

I hope to see you there saturday !
Meanwhile some things might happen in your respective towns !

  • Events • Warming up PvP Events

Hello friends! Did you miss me?

Ok, here's the deal: I will be hosting some small PvP Events around this month, in randon times.
I will be posting on forum everytime, one hour ahead, to let you know...

These events will be mostly for fun (not real rewards, only small things).
Its just to help me testing our Arena System and collect data for future events.

Soon we will be hosting a real PvP Event, with real rewards, matchs and teams.

So, are you up to help me? :go:

Lets see who is the best of us!


Server Status: Online