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  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Monday 24/10/2016

Maintenance's over, new patch available through Updater, enjoy :)

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Monday 24/10/2016

Server Maintenance has now begun.

  • Server News • Server Maintenance this Monday 24/10/2016

Dear Players,

There will be a Server Maintenance this Monday 24/10/2016 at 00:00:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • Discord Server

Dear Players,

We have setup a Discord Server for Dragon Raja, feel free to join us by clicking the link below :D

This Discord server will provide you with voice chat (we will think about adding per guild vocal channels) as well as ways to discuss live with other players and the GM Team.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Monday 17/10/2016

A new patch has been released with a hotfix for the spells hotkeys.

  • Events • Re: [Event] Halloween month

Additional details have been added :)

  • Events • [Event] Halloween month

Dear Players,

The upcoming 2 weeks will have you frozen to your chair!
Trick or Treat Month!!

Get ready for several events and lots of monster invasions this Halloween Month!!!

Here is the schedule for the following events:

October 17th through October 31st

  • OX quest will be enabled
  • Towns Invasions by monsters
  • Hide and Seek with GM
  • Random Events (typically on the weekends)
October 24th through October 30th
  • If you feel passionate in hunting, we have the job for you! Every hour, the three main cities as well as West Glade, Hegmonia and Northern Wanen will be invaded by a special kind of Zombie. Kill them and bring their Juice to an NPC that has been added to every temple of every city for a special reward.
October 30th
  • On this day, the Order of Dawn will lead an expedition on the Undead Dungeon to defeat the Lich who is trying to summon an horrible creature known as Jack of Halloween. Join their expedition and help them defeat the Lich before the summon is complete ! If successful, they will reward you with special loot !
Hope to see everyone at the Halloween Events this month! Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  • Events • Re: Monthly Double Exp

Don't forget about it, it's this week-end :)

  • Events • Re: Taming Competition

Event is over thanks to everyone that participated.
Round 1
3 cow
1 man eating plant
1 goblyn
1 mugina

1 man eating plant

Round 2
2 cow
1 goblyn

1 man eating plant

1 Man eating plant
1 cow
1 goblyn
1 lizard man

1 man eating plant

1 Crystal golem

Round 3
2 cow
1 ogre

2 cow
1 goblyn
3 scorpion
1 crystal golem

1 manscorpion
1 goblyn

Be on the look out for my next event :)

  • Events • Taming Competition

Dear Players !
To your sticks and be ready for the taming event coming this week end ! to get taming skill
The skill taming requires a level of 35 to learn. You can learn it at the following places:
Barantan: 359, 166
Heltern Village: 246, 160
Renus: 268, 138

You will also need to have a shepherds stick equipped to use taming. This can be bought from any carpenters store.

When using the skill on a monster, you will notice it the words "You have tamed about XXX percent" where XXX=numbers. Note the percent is not a actual percentage, in other words 100 percent does not mean the monster will be tamed. After you reach a certain number, the beast will become tamed and follow your every command!

Tip: Multiple people can work together on the same beast to tame it much faster! However only one person may be the master and this is the person who has the "last click".
Tip2: If you are failing (Not gaining points) when taming a monster, it could mean the monster is too hard for your current taming level. By raising your taming level you will tame monsters faster and with less chance of failure

2.The Prizes
Different beasts will yield different rewards.

Cows and Lambs: 50 cent coin
Man-eating plant: 1 Dollar coin
Goblin: 1 Dollar coin + 500 RE
Orc: 5 Dollar coin
Lizardman/scorpion: 5 Dollar coin + 500 RE
Mugina/man scorpion: Gold Coin [Medium Taming Level Required]
Crystal Golem: Gold coin + 500 RE [Medium Taming Level Required]
Ogres: 2 Gold coin + 1000 RE [Medium Taming Level Required]

*If your taming skill is too low it will have a high chance of failure on medium taming level required monsters. Points will not raise.

One rule: You can only tame one medium level taming monster per round! Meaning if you already have tamed a medium taming level monster, you cannot tame another.Also make sure to trade off before starting the event.

When it will be held
Sunday 14th august 16:30:00 Server time

The location
O/X map. It can be accessed from the colossal arena NPC @ 117,110.


Server Status: Online