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  • Server News • Happy new year !

Dear players,

On behalf of the whole GM Team, I wish you a happy new year !
We have great things planned for 2017 and we can't wait to share them with you !

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Tuesday 20/12/2016

Maintenance's over, server is back online.

Oh also, DOUBLE EXP starts now ! (and for two weeks)

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Tuesday 20/12/2016

Sorry it took a bit longer than expected, we ran into some issues. We should almost be done.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Tuesday 20/12/2016

The issue has been fixed. We got a few extra things to do and we'll put server back online.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Tuesday 20/12/2016

Server is now on Maintenance.

  • Events • [Event] Longest Kill Streak

Dear Player's

There will be a Longest Kill Streak event this Saturday for celebration of the chinese new year! (since we have alot of oriental based players)

The Event
Whom ever has the longest streak after the time duration will be declared the winner for that round, there will be a total of 3 rounds each lasting 10 minutes.

The Time
Saturday 28/1/2017 17:00:00 Server Time

The Rewards
Winner of each round will receive an Insane map , for further reward's I'll add a high map to players that manage to get above 7 kill streak and If you get above 15 you'll recieve a chaos, meaning the winner could come out with all 3 maps.

The map being used will be the LMS Arena, If you die you'll be ressurected so you can get back into the action.
If theres anything you're unsure about just leave me a PM.

  • Events • Re: TRIPLE Experience Week-end !

Just a reminder, it starts this evening :D

  • Events • TRIPLE Experience Week-end !

Now that Double Experience, is over, it's time to give you a glimpse of that Surprise ;).

Initially, it was meant to be a whole week of TRIPLE Experience, but the reward wasn't unlocked :(. Instead, we're giving you a glimpse of what it should be by giving you a TRIPLE Experience week-end.

So, mark your calendards, Saturday 14th of January & Sunday 15th of January will have TRIPLE Experience !

  • Events • Re: The Mad Santa

Double exp is still effective until Thursday 00:00:00 Server Time by the way.

  • Events • Re: The Mad Santa

Gamble Discount has now ended.
Only a few days left for the OX Quizz quests !


Server Status: Online