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  • Server News • Dual 5 announcement !

Dear Players,

We are happy to announce that we are actively working on the Dual 5 update !
We are making good progress and we will release this Update on the Beta Server in the near future.

Stay tuned for more information !

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Wednesday 25/01/2017

Another patch has been released to fix the UI issue.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Wednesday 25/01/2017

An hotfix patch has been released, fixing the following issues:

- Fixed the Hunger bar not being displayed.
- Fixed Text buttons hit detection not working anymore.
- Added back TextButton widget through legacy support (they're still deprecated).
- Fixed UI's SizeFromElement property not being updated properly in some cases.
- Fixed several rendering bugs.
- Fixed several crashes.

  • Server News • Re: Help Wanted !

Updated, we're now also looking for QA Testers.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance this Wednesday 25/01/2017

The new quest now asks for 5 Extreme Stones instead of 1.

  • Events • Re: [Event] Longest Kill Streak

A total of 4 rounds happened this event (due to players asking for another)

Winners were as following

  • Jesse 1st Round
  • Jesse 2nd Round
  • TheOracle 3rd Round
  • ReturnFighter 4th Round

Also to all those who got kill streaks a congratulations to you guys too, and thank you for all those who turned up!

Until next event.

  • Events • Re: Monthly Double Exp

Don't forget about it, it's this week-end :)

  • Events • Re: [Event] Longest Kill Streak

Event has been rescheduled due to not many players turning up to what I had hoped for , Big Maze will be delayed for 17 ST so the event doesn't overlap with Big maze.

  • Events • [Event] Longest Kill Streak

Dear Player's

There will be a Longest Kill Streak event this Sunday for celebration of the chinese new year! (since we have alot of oriental based players)

The Event
Whom ever has the longest streak after the time duration will be declared the winner for that round, there will be a total of 3 rounds each lasting 10 minutes.

The Time
Saturday 4th 14:00:00

The Rewards
Winner of each round will receive an Insane map , for further reward's I'll add a high map to players that manage to get above 5 kill streak and If you get above 10 you'll recieve a chaos, meaning the winner could come out with all 3 maps.

The map being used will be the LMS Arena, If you die you'll be ressurected so you can get back into the action.
If theres anything you're unsure about just leave me a PM.

  • Events • Re: TRIPLE Experience Week-end !

Just a reminder, it starts this evening :D


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