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  • Server News • Server Reboot Tuesday 12/01/2021

Dear Players,

We will do a Server reboot this Tuesday 12/01/2021 at 22:00 Server Time.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Friday 27/11/2020

Server is back online, new patch available.


Bug Fixes
- Fixed Local War invasion messing with Battle mode in other maps.
- Fixed Horse rider not being rendered properly.
- Fixed the visual buff bug (buffs would sometimes appear longer or shorter than they should be).
- Fixed several client crashes.
- Fixed a bug that would make characters and NPCs regen HPs when stunned.
- Fixed some NPCs that should be immune to stun being stunnable by Warrior & Archer stuns.
- Fixed the game not starting if no sound device is found.
- Fixed /normal note displaying the chat history with a random color.
- Fixed pressing the space bar playing a sound if party icons are displayed.

- Rares can now be placed on the rare upgrade interface by clicking on them. Same for sards & leaves.
- Added an option to increase the number of spells that can be displayed in the spell menu.
- Checks exchanged at the bank will now increase the bank balance instead of splitting in the bag.
- Added the possibility to craft 10 rare items at once.
- Donation will now take money from the bank rather than the character's bag.

- Increased the maximum stack size of material items to 9999.
- Disabled in crafting in mazes. (This had to be done now that mats can be stacked up to 9999).
- The Red Envelope item in the mall now gives 80 fame instead of 40.
- Increased the amount of fame that you can get by donating money and added additional steps.
- The "no no no" sound will no longer get spammed if your mouse is on a blocked tile with the autoclicker enabled.
- Light spell will now have the same duration for everyone in the caster's party.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Friday 27/11/2020

Server Maintenance has been rescheduled to Friday 27/11/2020 at 23:00

  • Server News • Server Maintenance Friday 27/11/2020

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Maintenance this Friday 27/11/2020 at Server Time 23:00 in order to deploy the Version patch onto the live server.

  • Server News • Re: Server Maintenance Wednesday 19/08/2020

Finally, free redistribution of abilities have been given to anyone above level 135

  • Events • Re: 8 v 8 Pvp event


8v8 new 1.jpg

  • Events • Re: 8 v 8 Pvp event

to compensate the Potato team, i will do an extra match for them. The Potato team can asked a challenge towards any of the team that qualified from first battle. time and date will be decided after the original 8v8 match done. considering The Potato team and The mastermind is same guild, in any circumstance, Potato cannot pick The mastermind team for the match playing.

The winner for this addition match will be 4 insane maps and 4 g3's ring of choice.

i'll put this as the possibility, If Potato pick a fight to the team he wanted to challenge with, but opponents rejected, they have to pick another 1 team to fight. If the second challenger still rejected and they will automatic win.

  • Events • Re: 8 v 8 Pvp event

The match will restart next saturday on servertime 14 30. But this time we not going to do with spectators anymore. I will teleport the team manually and they have to fight when i start the match by counting for 10 seconds.

For incident about first match The potato vs cometodaddy, afterdiscussion with the team i have to declared the team "cometodaddy" is qualified into next match. I am deeper apologies for the bug causing especially to Firaun being ghosted without any awareness.

The rest of team will do the match like usual. One last time i am sincere apologies to everyone here.

  • Events • Re: Chinese New Year Events

Total marks:

care - 17pts
ladymedic - 2pts
drxx - 2pts
snatch - 19 pts
macdonald - 4pts
lmmortal - 2pts
yunxin - 7pts
hobs - 32 pts
izayoisakura - 16 pts
xetqr - 6pts
kickurasshole - 2pts
wog - 23 pts
hahalaughdie - 19 pts
cnload - 5pts
sellmypipi - 9 pts
huggies - 22 pts
zhu - 45 pts
skyhorse - 5 pts
storminwind - 5 pts
polpo - 1 pt
zfeng - 5pts
moonmoon - 5pts
mellulla - 30 pts
monstertank - 1 pt

All rewards will distribute at TOMORROW SUNDAY with 2 timezone ( 05 00 st / 16 00 st )
winner if left-out for tomorrow i'll do it for next week. Congratulation to those winner.

  • Events • Re: Chinese New Year Events

Final round result:

care - 5 pts
snatch - 11 pts
mac - 3 pts
hobs - 11 pts
macdonald - 3pts
wog - 7 pts
sellmypipi - 2 pts
hahalaughdie - 3 pts
polpo - 1 pt
zfeng - 5 pts
yunxin - 5pts
moonmoon - 5pts
huggies - 15pts
mellulla - 30 pts
zhu - 30pts
monstertank - 1pt


Server Status: Online