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  • Server News • Happy Lunar new year !

We wish a Happy Lunar new year to all our asian players!


  • Server News • Server Reboot this Thursday 24/01/2019

Dear Players,

We will reboot the server this Thursday 24/01/2019 at 23:50 Server Time.

  • Server News • Re: War & Dungeon times

New Schedule outline as shown, discuss welcomed.

  • Server News • Server Reboot this Thursday 17/01/2019

Dear Players,

We will reboot the Server this Thursday 17/01/2019 at 23:30 Server Time in order to deploy version

This version will bring the following changes:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue with the Rare System.

- Added name plates for the opposite nation players during mazes.

- Arrow and knives are no longer blocked by allies (except some special cases like Fleet Missile).

  • Server News • Server Reboot Wednesday 09/01/2019

Dear Players,

We will do a Server Reboot this Wednesday at 23:00 Server Time In order to deploy patch

This patch will bring the following changes:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Potion and Candle rares being capped by Symbol.
- Fixed Client crash happening when typing chat.
- Fixed some Gamble items not being given as rare while they should.

Regarding Fixed some Gamble items not being given as rare while they should, this is about the Big Gulp not being given as G10 Smart. For those who got bugged ones from before, we will replace them all at once during a later Server Maintenance.

  • Events • Re: CNY Secret Summoning

Event Concluded,
congratulation to our winners

all floor has been opened by Hela

1-dark bear killer : FenYan
2-Cyclops killer : LIANGCHAOIWEI
3-Ifrit Killer : MacDonFook
4-Valkyrie Killer : SlaveS
5-Balroc Wing Killer : SlaveS
6-Chineese New Year Dragon Killer : Hela

  • Events • CNY Secret Summoning

Dear Players
While the last week's dungeon amurthart and a Winged Balrog, Secretly talked about an invocation. In that matter Amurthart decided to meet balrog for a special ingredient for this summon. The ritual was a success and metamorphosis was cast on big Maze's Great Dragon.This saturday Metamorphosis will be complete and you will
all encounter a surprise!!

When : saturday's next BM (14 st)
Rules : pvp will be turned off for this event.
Rewards : whatever monster drops

Prepare yourselves!!!

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] King of Kings 2019

Updated new schedule.

  • Events • Re: [Monthly Event] Longest Killing Streak 2019

LKS for February has ended and the conclusion for the 2 winners are:

BRAZ (vys) 18KS
HONS (zyp) 24KS


  • Events • Re: [Event] Happy Lunar New Year!

Congrats to Advanced Abyss winners:
Bowl 5 kill shot
Malfoy 1 kill shot
Croxxx 2 kill shot
Kimura 3 kill shot
MacDonald 4kill shot
TPEARC 5 kill shot
Skycool 1 kill shot
lotusy 1 kill shot
BBkill 5 kill shot
Miakhalifa 2 kill shot
TheMountain 2 kill shot
Lintohsaka 1 kill shot
Clash 1 kill shot

Liangchaoiwei Boss kill


Server Status: Online