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Dragon Mall Explained

The Dragon Mall contains items which you can buy with the use of Raja Emblems (RE).

Some of these items are unique to the mall only and cannot be acquired anywhere else in the game.

You can obtain RE by purchasing a Mall Points Package or by trading in-game with other players who have RE. Many players will sell rare items for RE, and others are happy to buy.

Step 1: Go to the Mall NPC

The Mall NPC can be found in each nation's main town square.

Item mall NPC

Step 2: Select the Item you Want to Buy

The value 'R.E' stands for the amount of mall points (Raja Emblems) you have left to spend.

By clicking the item you want to buy with the left mouse button, you will select the item.

Select mall item

Step 3: Buy the Mall Item

Click the 'Buy' button to get the mall item.

Buy Button


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