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Job System


Jobs are a way to make money and equipment. There are total of 13 jobs a player can learn. These jobs are separated into primary and secondary jobs, primary jobs can be learned with little difficulty however secondary jobs have more demanding requirements. There are no limits to the amount of jobs a player can learn.

Primary Jobs
Herb Digging
Secondary Jobs Required Primary Job Skill
Blacksmith Mining level 50
Tailor Butcher level 50
Cooking Farming or Fishing level 50
Alchemy Herb Digging level 50
Carpentry Lumberjack level 50
Bowcrafting Lumberjack level 50
Candlemaking Fishing Level 50

How to Level Jobs

A job can be leveled through completing quests given by NPC. It will max at level 99 with 99%, at which point it will be qualified to become Grand Master. For specific NPC locations, refer to in game help pages.

Grand Master

To advance a job skill to Grand Master level requires the job skill level to be 99 with 99% and items gathered by request. Becoming a Grand Master of a skill allows you to create higher level rares and create more rares during a day. If you are able to attain Grand Master rank with all 13 jobs, you can become a Merchant.


To become a merchant, you are required to attain the Grand Master title with all 13 available jobs. Becoming a merchant will allow you to whisper other nations and use the market place. It also allows you to temporarily become a Saint Grand Master. The Saint Grand Master allows the creation of items with 2 rare effects instead of 1.


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