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PvP is the dominate feature of Dragon Raja. While gear may account for the strength of a character, it is not all of it. The PvP system puts a large emphasis on player skill requiring reaction times to dodge and aim skills and spells. While the majority of the world consist of free-PVP maps, there are penalties involved with PvPing in certain maps.


Towns and some lower-level player areas are not free-PVP maps. When a player attacks another player in these designated maps, they can accumulate penalty points known as NK. When a player dies with enough NK, it is possible for them to drop items in their inventory.


Multiple times a day, the 3 nations of Dragon Raja will begin a games of invasion and defense! There are no restrictions on who can join war, all players can freely help their nation successfully win the war. Winning can be done in two ways, destroy as much as the enemies sanctuary stones or survive until the time limit with the most sanctuary stones standing (In events of a tie, the nation with the most war points win).

Castle War

The conflict between Zypern and Vyseus has centuries of hate. The castle war is a conquest battle between the two for territory. Each Castle War has the winner defending the territory and the other side trying to conquer it. The mercenary nation, Yllse, are free to join either Zypern or Vyseus.

Dungeon Quests

Several times a week, a dungeon quest activates. These dungeons hold legendary treasures however it is extremely dangerous to venture into. The events are world-wide, so all nations can work together or fight for the treasure!

Monster War

The threats of the wild are always present. Sometimes they become such a large threat that the wars of the nation must be ceased to address the bigger issue at hand. The monster war is just that, a war where all 3 nations join together to repel a monster invasion.


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