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Dear player,

I would like to wish you all an happy Dragon Raja Global server's 12th anniversary.

This Coming week-end (23th and 24th) will mark the return of the
Empower Event!!!!

This is a multi round Event wich will extend thorought the weekend.

during this weekend , a special event might occur at any maps or any time. This event will strike at the beginning of an hour (ex 13:00,14:00,16:00).Empower event will enchant a map with a special event among those described below.when the event does take place please note that pvp will be disabled.

Empowered map
anything can happen in an empowered map once a map has been empowered one of the choices above will be done on that map.
1-treasure maps opened

2-monster dropping goods
3-hide and seek within that map
4-special monster dropping items in entrance
5-Greatly increased Spawn

1-treasure map opened
i will open a total of 6 treasure maps in that map, those map can be chaos or insane difficulty.

2-monster dropping goods
i will summon some monsters here and there dropping some items.

3-hide and seek
i will hide in the map and will reward first one to find me then move to another random location.I will repeat that process until someone has found me 3 times total.
the 1st time someone finds me will get 3 gold coins
the 2nd time that same person finds me will get chaos map
the 3rd time that same person finds me will get a legend D1 of his choice. (that ,or 45 min interval ,will end this kind of empower event.)

4-special monster dropping item in entrance
i will summon a strong monster that will drop some special items and some other monsters to protect that monster.

5-greatly increased monster spawn
there will be greatly increased number of monsters in that map.

once a map has been empowered exp on that map will also be increased for 1 hour.

Get ready for this special week-end.


Server Status: Online